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2019 Meringoff Victory Prize Scholars

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Congratulations to New York Edge students Samantha Nowrang, and Roxanne Rosario of Flushing High School for becoming this year’s Meringoff Victory Prize Scholars. They are certainly MVPs in our eyes!

Meringnoff MVPs 2019
Stuart Post of the Meringnoff Foundation, Samantha Nowrang, and Roxanne Rosario

Samantha is looking forward to attending Syracuse University this fall while Roxanne is staying in the city for her higher education goals. Stuart Post of the Meringoff Foundation generously came to present the prizes personally.

New York Edge is proud to partner with The Meringoff Foundation in their mission to make hands-on philanthropic investments primarily in NYC-based nonprofits that are working to level the playing field for young New Yorkers.

Strengthening The Fabric of Our Communities

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The Stoler Report – The Real Estate Community & Its Support of Public Education
By Francis Greenburger, Time Equities, Inc.

Real estate executives often leave behind impressive legacies in the form of grand structures that give shape to a city’s skyline and stand for decades on end.

And we ourselves are fortunate – because as we build these structures, and as we set about populating them with residents, workers and shoppers – we are also building our own careers, and enjoying the material benefits deriving from our success in business.

That’s why it is comforting to realize that virtually every C-level real estate executive you know, and every one you read about in these pages, looks beyond his or her narrow self-interest — and devotes a portion of their time and energy to community building and charitable causes.

While there’s no shortage of worthy causes, I find efforts to support our youth especially aligned with the ethos of the real estate industry. Building the city of tomorrow and creating stronger communities is as much about investing in people as it is about constructing buildings. And investing in young people is the best way to invest in the future of our city.

For the last XX years, I have had the privilege of working with an organization called New York Edge, which is one of the largest providers of afterschool programs in the metropolitan region.

Working in cooperation with the New York City Department of Education, the organization partners with under-resourced public schools across the region, serving more than 36,000 students in grades K-12. New York Edge provides afterschool programming that combine sports, the arts, and academic enrichment and mentoring. We also help upper-grade students position themselves for future success in both conventional and technical colleges.

And while my real estate company develops properties across all key asset classes, one can readily see how our multi-family portfolio can resonate with our work with New York Edge.

That’s because we often find ourselves delivering enrichment services to young people residing in our own company’s apartment buildings. It’s a source of gratification for our development and property management teams when New York Edge helps these youthful residents enter college and expand their life horizons. The students’ families appreciate it. They make the connection.

The organization itself is structured in a way that directly promotes leadership skills. While New York Edge is overseen by a typical board of directors, there is also a “junior board” that brings young people themselves into the organization in a serious and active way.

Best of all, New York Edge succeeds. Participants in our “High School Today, College Tomorrow” initiative have attained a 98-percent, four-year completion rate — compared with the 61-percent citywide rate. Ninety percent of them earn college admission.

At the middle school level, students in the “Middle School Today, High School Tomorrow” program are 33 percent more likely to gain entry to a specialized high school than those not benefiting from our help.

And 86 percent of parents we surveyed report that New York Edge has helped their children learn things that have contributed to their academic success.

Many of the youth served by New York Edge live in poverty, which exposes them to various forms of trauma, and plants any number of obstacles along their path to achievement. Organizations like New York Edge help prepare students to overcome these hurdles and to advance toward a happy and fulfilling adulthood.

I think it reflects well on the real estate community to be supporting such programs – and to be building a spirit of hope and confidence among our city’s young people.

In fact, though less visible, I’d say it’s a legacy greater in value than shaping the city’s skyline.

New York Edge Holds Annual Benefit to Raise Money for Afterschool Programming in New York 

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Rashid Silvera and Tom Cornish honored for their contributions to the organization’s success

The 2019 New York Edge Annual Benefit Luncheon

NEW YORK, NY – May 6, 2019 – New York Edge – one of the largest providers of afterschool programs in the metropolitan region –held its annual benefit Wednesday to honor outstanding individuals, board members, and program alumni who have driven the organization forward and to raise funds for the organization’s growing roster of afterschool programs.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised at the luncheon, which was emceed by WABC reporter Bill Ritter and held at The Union League.

“For more than a quarter of a century, New York Edge has been addressing the needs of underserved students by giving them the tools they need to succeed,” said Maureen Fonseca, CEO of New York Edge. “As we continue growing, we will build upon our innovative programs and bridge the opportunity gap for even more young children across New York.”

See the Full Gallery of Luncheon Photos Here

Tom Cornish, COO of BankUnited was presented with The Gold Star Award for his support of access to education in underserved communities.

Tom Cornish, COO of BankUnited, speaks at New York Edge’s Annual Benefit

“Every day this organization gives kids from disadvantaged backgrounds the hope, focus and opportunity they need to succeed,” said Tom Cornish. “If you can positively impact 36,000 kids, and each one of these kids positively impacts another 10 people, the chain will continue and you can change the world. That’s what New York Edge is doing.”

Rashid Silvera, a member of New York Edge’s Board of Directors, was presented with the Excellence in Education Award. Mr. Silvera was a former history teacher and has an Ed.M from The Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as a M.T.S. degree from The Harvard Divinity School. He was a member of the Scarsdale High School History Department for 36 years and has worked as a fashion model for over three decades and has appeared on the cover of GQ, Essence and Code magazines.

Rashid Silvera delivers a speech to the audience at New York Edge’s fundraiser

“I joined New York Edge earlier this year and have witnessed just how much everyone at this organization cares about improving educational outcomes for under-resourced youth in New York,” said Rashid Silvera. “I look forward to keeping up the good fight to tackle educational inequality and bring fairness to even more students.”

Since 1992, New York Edge has worked to bridge the opportunity gap among underserved students by providing programs designed to improve academic performance, health and wellness, self-confidence, character, and attitudes for success in life to young people who attend New York City public schools. The organization offers afterschool, weekend, and summer programs in many underserved communities throughout the metropolitan area and currently serves more than 36,000 K-12 youth at hundreds of sites each year. Over the lifetime of the organization, New York Edge has served hundreds of thousands of youth.

2019 Annual Benefit

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New York Edge celebrates giving students the chance they need to succeed in school and in life. Students from well-to-do families have every advantage. New York Edge provides access to high-quality academics, arts, and athletics programs to public school students in historically disadvantaged communities in New York City.

Hundreds of thousands of students have graduated from our programs and explored college and careers they never dreamed were possible. Join us in giving students the chance to become the next class of New York City leaders in business, technology, real estate, the arts, and sports.

College Awareness Day 2019

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New York Edge is excited to join the New York City Department of Education’s city wide celebrate of College Awareness Day with all our sites across New York City! On Friday, January 11 we will host class discussions about continuing education opportunities, early college awareness workshops for students and families, as well as alumni events!

New York Edge staff will be seen wearing apparel from their favorite higher education institution to promote discussion with students about our experiences in college. New York Edge is committed to the goal of empowerment and support for all our students. We give them the edge they need to succeed and so much more.

New York Edge College Awareness Day
Students from #IS127 having some photo fun during the New York Edge college readiness workshop!

Chopped! New York Edge Elementary Competition

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New York Edge Cooking
New York Edge Elementary School Cooking Competitors

New York Edge closed out 2018 with our annual Elementary School Chopped Competition. Eight elementary schools from the New York area competed on Friday, December 28th to become Top Chef. We thank the staff and students of 146Q, 178X, 40K, 122Q, 116Q, 41Q, 96Q, 97X for their participation in the event.

The day began with students meeting Chef Corey, from Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, who shared his journey into the culinary field and led a Q+A session for our students!

All schools participated in an appetizer round, in which, they had to create an original appetizer using the following mystery ingredients: kale, pears, and black beans. They then participated in a dessert round, in which, they had to create an original dessert using the following mystery ingredients: avocado, strawberries, and Cheerios. Students had a great time working with their peers to make delicious and nutritious meals for our judges to score and taste. Lastly, the final round, was the chef’s round. Chef Corey received a basket with mystery ingredients: kiwi, ricotta cheese, and tomato and had 25 minutes to create a dish in front of all students. A huge congratulations to our first place winners 146Q, second place winners 178X, and third place winners 40K.

Thank you to our Guest Judges Christine Cosmos, Chef Corey Samuel, and Sharim Estevez. You all showed great interest in the meals students prepared, were open-minded to trying new foods, and definitely kept the cooking spirit alive within our youth! Thank you for also being helpful, alongside Katie Booz-Mooney and Omar Alleyne with the set-up and breakdown of the entire event, and willingness to take on any task thrown your way throughout the day!

New York Edge is so proud of all our chefs and the creativity they bring to healthy eating!

Elect To Be Fit!

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The New York Edge Elect to be Fit Wellness Fair, took place at Truman High School on November 6, 2018. A total of 261 Elementary and Middle School students from 31 schools participated in activities that promote healthy eating and active lifestyles. 

Rotations included Supermarket Mania, Minute to Win It, and Hip Hop H.E.A.L.S. Debuting her children’s book, “MC Veggie Fresh Rocks the Mic”, Registered Dietitian and Author Shanon Morris held an interactive book reading and signing for Elementary School students. Additionally, Middle School students competed in a fill in the rap lyric game where students had to fill in the missing lyrics in order to complete the Veggie Fresh Rap.

The New York Edge Elect to Be Fit Wellness Fair showed students that you can have fun while engaging in health and wellness activities!

See Photos of the Day

Cheering On The 25th Annual Breast Cancer Walk in Flushing

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Flushing High School Cheerleaders

The 25th Annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walkers had a great team of cheerleaders in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park last Sunday. New York Edge Students and Cheerleading team members joined with other schools to help walkers raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. The October 21st event was just one of over 300 walks supporting survivors and their families as well as research into this terrible disease. New York Edge is so proud of our students who help make this event unforgettable and understand the importance of giving back to their community.

NY Knicks Help Raise Almost $30,000 to Support Afterschool Programs

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New York Edge and the NY Knicks joined forces yesterday for the first ever Knicks Benefit Basketball game and raised almost $30,000! 

The White and Blue teams battled it out to the bitter end giving it everything they had and everyone had a great time. 

The National Anthem was sung by Mikalah Cance of 175x, a New York Edge student and an amazing talent. The half-time game with teams form 127X and 61K was so exciting and our Step Team from 452K brought down the house!

The New York Knicks, Madison Square Garden, and Jr. Knicks Assist have been great partners of New York Edge throughout the years. We are grateful for all they do and happy to have a new partner in Fidelis Care for afterschool programming.
See more photos from the game here!