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Rachael Gazdick Discusses the Impact of New York Edge’s Programs on FOX 5’s Good Day Street Talk

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To expand NYC’s ‘gifted’ programs, one nonprofit turns to after school

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Kelly didn’t think of herself as particularly smart when a teacher told the rising sixth grader that she would be joining the Excellence Project, an after-school program at P.S. 189 in the Bronx for “gifted” students.

But she started attending the daily sessions, where Kelly got to explore topics that interest her, like her family’s roots in the Dominican Republic. The small setting was a haven from other peers who could be disruptive in the classroom during the school day. 

Soon, she started thinking differently about herself. [read more]

Kids on Bikes Initiative Comes to NYC

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The six week Bike NY course teaches 10-15 youth how to ride a bike and how to safely navigate group rides. They provide bikes and safety gear for use during their sessions. However, Bike NY only offers classes in a select number of New York City Parks and not all of the NYE program sites have easy access. With an investment from Dicks’s Sporting Goods, NYE purchased 15 bikes to accommodate those sites, with locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. The bikes and equipment are safely secured at a nearby school and then made available to the students. NYE coordinated with Bike NY to bring instructors to the school site for bike lessons. For example, students would learn how to design bike safety gear using engineering concepts.

Thank you to Dick’s Sporting Goods for supporting this initiative!

New York Edge Gala Honors Those with Commitment to Education

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There was a special honor for those with a strong commitment to education on Tuesday night. The New York Edge Gala was held in Midtown.The gala supports after-school and summer programs for thousands of students across New York City. Sam Champion emceed the event. [read more]

New podcast allows kids to interview leaders in business, science

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New York Edge, a local non-profit, has created a new podcast where city kids can interview leaders in business, science, the arts and more.

The podcast, “Formative,” launched its first episode this week featuring Bronx resident Kevin, a seventh-grader who interviewed Grammy-nominated artist, Kaitlin McGaw.

“I’ll probably become a reporter, I feel like I’m a natural, at least some of my teachers say that,” the student reporter says. “The way she helped other people and gave other people chances to make a difference; she makes music that inspires other people to not give up.” [read more]

New York Edge Gala

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2022 New York Edge Gala Invitation

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The 2022 50 Over 50

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Kevin Hauss was the first college graduate in his family, and it wasn’t easy: He worked for six years before enrolling, and his father dipped into retirement savings for tuition. “My dad died before I graduated, but from that point on, I wanted to keep learning and doing things to make a difference,” Hauss recalls. The experience made him a lifelong learner – and ultimately led him to New York Edge, one of New York City’s largest nonprofit providers of school-based afterschool and summer programming, in 2015. Read the full article here.

NYC should double down on after-school care investments

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The past 20 months have demonstrated, more than ever before, that after-school programs for our children are not a luxury, but a necessity. And the time has come for our city to commit itself to providing quality, free after-school programs to all children and families who seek it, in the schools they attend. [read more]

New York Edge Students Have Written a Book!

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“Miss Bunna Cupcake dreams of being young enough to ride rollercoasters again.

The problem is, now that she’s over 80 years old the attendants at the amusement park will not let her ride her favorite rides.

But, Miss Bunna Cupcake is determined to relive this special experience from her youth – even if it costs her.”

*This story was created by an AMAZING group of 8-12 year olds in New York in collaboration with award-winning author, Jesse Byrd, via a workshop powered by the non-profit New York Edge. Click here to pre-order your copy!