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Whitestone students use visual storytelling to promote positive self-image

Posted on: March 8th, 2023 by New York Edge
getreel group photo

A group of fifth grade students from P.S. 193Q in Whitestone were recognized for their storytelling and promoting positive self-image in an Instagram reel they created and starred in as part of the New York Edge after-school program. Their reel debuted at New York Edge’s #GetReel Film Festival in February at the Museum of the Moving Image. [read more]

‘Triple-demic’ Could Impact Children this Winter

Posted on: November 29th, 2022 by New York Edge No Comments

By Drs. Lisa Moreno, Steve Materetsky, Saurabh Bahl, and Camille Pearte,  Fidelis Care Medical Directors 

As winter approaches, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning of an  increase in respiratory infections, especially in children.  

Respiratory infections are expected to soar this winter after two years of declines that can be linked  to the COVID-19 practices of social distancing, masking, and remote schooling that occurred in  2020 and 2021. 

Earlier increases of certain respiratory infections have already been seen this year, according to  the CDC. There are three viruses to be on alert for this winter: Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV),  Influenza (“the flu”), and COVID. This has led to the term, the “Triple-demic.” 

1) RSV 

RSV is a virus that peaks in winter and affects people of all ages. In smaller children and infants,  RSV leads to swelling of the small airways of the lungs, causing a condition called bronchiolitis.  This viral infection can cause severe symptoms, such as trouble breathing and a fever. In adults,  RSV is usually just a cold.  

There is a medication available to prevent severe illness with RSV. This medication is an injection  called Synagis. This injection is NOT a vaccine. It is a medication that consists of antibodies (cells  that fight infection) that only attack the RSV virus. However, this option is only available for  infants with certain conditions such as infants born prematurely (born extremely early before their  expected delivery date), infants born with heart disease, or infants with severe lung disease. 

There is no specific treatment for RSV bronchiolitis, but there is supportive care. These measures  include ensuring that the sick child is nursing or drinking fluids, giving fever-reducing medications when needed, and, in more severe cases, getting oxygen in a hospital setting. The best way to  prevent children from getting RSV is frequent handwashing for adults and children, especially  around infants. If you have a premature baby, consult your doctor to determine if Synagis is  necessary.  

2) The Flu 

Influenza virus (“the flu”) is another respiratory virus that peaks during winter. As with RSV,  there has been an increase in cases earlier than is typically seen in the fall, largely due to  communities returning to pre-pandemic practices. The best way to prevent the flu is to get an  annual flu shot. 


The COVID virus is also known to rise in winter months as people spend more time indoors. In addition, a rise in COVID is expected because of new variations of the virus, and a decrease in social distancing and masking.

The best ways to prevent flu and COVID infections are

∙ Getting vaccinated can help protect you and your family from severe illness from these  infections and is the single best way to fight the flu and COVID. In addition to protecting  yourself, getting vaccinated also protects people around you, including people who are  more likely to become seriously ill, like babies and young children, older people,  pregnant women, and people with certain chronic health conditions. Talk to your doctor  if you have any concerns about these vaccinations. 

∙ Washing hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an  alcohol-based sanitizer (such as Purell).  

∙ Staying home when sick. 

∙ Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.  

∙ Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs.  

Let’s all do our part to keep our children, ourselves, and our communities healthy and safe this  winter! 

Do you or your child need health insurance?  

Learn more about quality, affordable health insurance coverage options offered by Fidelis Care. 

Equity & Access Pre K-12 Q&A With Rachael Gazdick, CEO of New York Edge

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Recently, the team at sat down to talk with Rachael Gazdick, CEO, New York Edge. Rachael is the chief executive officer of New York Edge, the metropolitan region’s largest provider of after-school programs. With more than 20 years’ experience in education advocacy, Rachael has dedicated her career to building equity in education. [read more]

Van Gogh Museum and DHL Express Launch ‘Heart for Art’ Educational Programme

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To teach and inspire children for whom art education is not always accessible through the art and life story of Vincent van Gogh.

The Van Gogh Museum and DHL Express are launching a new educational programme, Heart for Art. For the next three years, the global partners will collaborate to inspire children in communities with limited access to cultural education with the art and life story of Vincent van Gogh. The Heart for Art programme, which was piloted in New York City in Spring 2022, will roll-out in American cities in the months ahead with the intention to expand globally in the upcoming years. In the first 6 months the educational programme will be launched at 30 educational institutions in the United States, which would reach -and positively impact- 20,000 students in the first school year.  

The DHL x Van Gogh Museum Heart for Art programme enables children to learn about Vincent van Gogh, stimulates their creative development and invites them to discuss significant themes from Vincent’s life such as identity, chasing dreams and dealing with setbacks. The programme is developed especially for children with no or limited access to art education. Teachers are trained by experienced Van Gogh Museum educators in special sessions – either on location or online. ‘We were delighted to develop a dedicated Heart for Art educational programme, based on our extensive experience with schools in The Netherlands and (international) online lessons. By training teachers worldwide to work with our educational tools we hope to connect and inspire children with Vincent’s art and life story’ says Gundy van Dijk, Head of Education and Interpretation of the Van Gogh Museum. 

Today Show Back to School Special

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New York Edge Featured on the Today Show!

The Benefits of Summer Camp Through the Eyes of Kids at New York Edge’s Summer Program

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — It’s every parent’s concern: What’s the best way for their child to spend his or her free time during summer?

There’s a single destination that lets kids have fun while teaching them lifelong skills. It’s called camp.
We’re heading inside New York Edge’s day camp to see the impact this has on the kids.

Rachael Gazdick Discusses the Impact of New York Edge’s Programs on FOX 5’s Good Day Street Talk

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To expand NYC’s ‘gifted’ programs, one nonprofit turns to after school

Posted on: July 15th, 2022 by New York Edge No Comments

Kelly didn’t think of herself as particularly smart when a teacher told the rising sixth grader that she would be joining the Excellence Project, an after-school program at P.S. 189 in the Bronx for “gifted” students.

But she started attending the daily sessions, where Kelly got to explore topics that interest her, like her family’s roots in the Dominican Republic. The small setting was a haven from other peers who could be disruptive in the classroom during the school day. 

Soon, she started thinking differently about herself. [read more]

Kids on Bikes Initiative Comes to NYC

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The six week Bike NY course teaches 10-15 youth how to ride a bike and how to safely navigate group rides. They provide bikes and safety gear for use during their sessions. However, Bike NY only offers classes in a select number of New York City Parks and not all of the NYE program sites have easy access. With an investment from Dicks’s Sporting Goods, NYE purchased 15 bikes to accommodate those sites, with locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. The bikes and equipment are safely secured at a nearby school and then made available to the students. NYE coordinated with Bike NY to bring instructors to the school site for bike lessons. For example, students would learn how to design bike safety gear using engineering concepts.

Thank you to Dick’s Sporting Goods for supporting this initiative!