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Changing the World, One Summer Camp at a Time

The sun sets on another incredible summer at SASF. Check out some of the Change Agent Day highlights.

111 camps were full of SASF change agents this summer. This year’s camp theme was Change Agents: Taking Care of Our Environment. The theme utilized an interdisciplinary curriculum, including STEAM, literacy, leadership, arts, and sports. It sparked students’ curiosity, awareness and empathy regarding global environmental issues related to clean water, recycling, pollution, and taking care of our local communities.

On August 1, we celebrated these efforts through Change Agent Day. This sitewide event showcased each school’s individuality and commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Sheila Wells, Deputy Director of Summer Programs, is proud of all the campers accomplishments, particularly “the impact they made on their communities through their positive, environmentally friendly contributions.” She also highlighted the advocacy efforts displayed by many schools, as they had an open line of communication with New York State government officials throughout the season.