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Education on the Move! Summer Trip Highlights

Related to SASF’s summer camp theme – Change Agents: Taking Care of Our Environment,” our Education Department developed a unique trip guide for more than 100 of our summer camp sites. From the SIMS Municipal Recycling Education Center field trip that offered SASF students like 484K’s the chance to see a material recovery facility and education center to 57K’s trip to the River Project where they learned about marine science and issues of urban ecology, SASF campers were immersed in New York City’s finest examples of eco-friendly environments.

Every student had a lesson to learn with each trip. Sole from 354K attended a trip to the New Town Creek Water Treatment Plant and shared her’s: “It is important that we conserve as much water as possible by doing little things such as turning off the water when brushing our teeth.”

484 K at the SIMS Municipal Recycling Education Center.

57K at the River Project.

In addition, the educational components of the theme was threaded through our sports and arts activities and trips. Students from IS 162K from Brooklyn and 146Q took a trip to Gulliver’s Gate. This interactive and engaging miniature world was the perfect place for our students to explore. Nicole, a student from 162K, was asked what surprised you most about Gulliver’s Gate? “How they built all the tiny people and the details!,” she replied. She also “learned little things come in big packages.”

146Q at Gulliver’s Gate.