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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor, SASF! Elect to Be Fit

In the United States, Election Day is set by law for the general elections of public officials. Here at SASF, we know it as Elect to Be Fit. The annual event took place at Truman High School and hosted nearly 300 elementary and middle school-aged students.

This year’s theme was Hunger Games. “The theme provided students with all skill-sets an opportunity to have fun, on an event playing field,” noted Shanon Morris, Director of Sports & Wellness. “Rotations were based on the Hunger Games’ districts and included activities that were a reflection of the district.” 

In the mining district, children participated in an obstacle course to accumulate a pile of coal. For the livestock district, they learned archery. Competitors aimed to hit the nutritious food targets and avoided the processed food ones. 

“You can have fun without playing traditional sports,” Shanon said.

Now that is for certain! See what our winners thought:

“…I finally won something. I was more than excited…at first, we did not know we were going to win. I was confused when they called out our names and then I knew – we were champions!” – Elysia B., age 9

“It feels so good to be able to participate and then win. I felt excited that we won because the teamwork always makes the dream work.” Hector O., age 9