The Educators of New York Edge

It takes a village to raise a child. Our teams of education professionals at New York Edge are proud of the work they do together every day for the students of New York City.

Juli-Anne Sabino, Deputy Director: 14Q, 109Q, 161M, 264K, 352K, 560M

Amir Sultan, Program Manager: Flushing HS, Bronx Regional HS, Brooklyn Collegiate, Astor Academy, Tapco-225X

Norman Morais, Program Manager: 42Q, 57K, 175X, 242X, 354K, 362K, 389X

David Cruz, Program Manager: 40K, 178X, 146Q, 329Q, 362Q, 483M

Carla Rosado, Program Manager: 83X, 89X, 180M, 223M, 337X, 499M

Janae Connerly, Program Manager: 96Q, 256K, 262K, 308K, 309K, 376K

Niesha Alexander, Program Manager: 63Q, 109K, 116Q, 165K, 224K, 446K

Ursula Hunter, Program Manager: 9X, 97X, 121X, 134X, 189X, 306X

Theodore Allen, Program Manager: 45K, 46M, 151X, 225X, 301X

Keron Watson, Program Manager: 66K, 375X, 379Q, 382K, 384K, 484K, 590K

Malorie Bernadel, Program Manager: 207Q, 267K, 295Q, 353K, 581K, 680Q

Meredith Smart, Director of College Access for All

Talibah Stigger, Program Manager: 116Q, 127X, 190X, 208Q, 287X, 454X, 462X

Chrissy Andre, Program Manager: 61K, 318K, 381K, 452K, 522K, 588K, 664K

Sean Wynter, Program Manager: 78Q, 122Q, 162K, 235Q, 355Q, 356Q, 663K

Laura Silva, Program Manager: 17Q, 41Q, 84Q, 112Q, 122Q, 193Q