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STEM Day at a Glance

SASF values the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills in all students. The Education Department endeavors to offer our students tangible opportunities to develop problem-solving skills by offering a day of STEM related activities and learning opportunities in the form of workshops. This year, STEM DAY was held at CUNY York College, a supporter of various STEM initiatives. Workshops were followed by a videographer who captured the learning and fun moments of the day.

Students attended a drone technology workshop in which they engaged in classroom learning on the history, careers, laws, resources and education related to drones; and how to safely operate drones. The workshop was facilitated by Eugene Adams and three of his current STEP (Science and Technology Entry Program) students from Bronx Community College. Students accessed the outdoor athletic field to learn how to fly and operate the drones. Learning to fly a drone can be challenging and dangerous.

Students also attended an aviation workshop facilitated by New York Metro’s Black Pilots of America, in which they created paper airplanes and competed to see whose airplane was the most aerodynamic. The facilitators delved further into the history, technology, and employment opportunities in aviation. Further, they learned that students ages 15 through 19 can attend summer flight academy to obtain their license to operate a plane.  Two flat screen television monitors were set up in a large gym so that students could practice flight simulation.

In addition to the two workshops, tables with various STEM challenges were set up in half of the gym and in a multipurpose room. Challenges included electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, Lego robotics construction designs, and various games that focused on problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, cognitive skill, and interpersonal skills. Students even engaged in challenges while they ate in the multipurpose room during breakfast and lunch. This room was also equipped with a Book Nook – two large tables of free books – students could take as many books as possible. After lunch, SASF students received gift bags, each with SASF swag: a college ruled notebook, USB bracelet. Each student received a special gift in their bag – Google Cardboard virtual reality goggles – to use with their mobile devices at home or at school. Students were instructed by the various SASF volunteers on how to use the goggles.

Finally, the day ended in the gym (due to impending rain) with a deejayed party and a drone air show performed by the STEP Bronx Community facilitators. We look forward to next year’s STEM DAY and students voiced their opinions throughout the day on what they wanted to see at next year’s event.

Schools in Attendance:

  • PS 42Q
  • IS 190X
  • MS 162K
  • PS 225X
  • MS 664K
  • PS 306K
  • MS 271X

A special thank you to our volunteers:

  • Nia Smith (MS 590K)
  • Nia Augustine (MS 590K)
  • Naeem Brown (MS 287X)
  • Pooja Kar (IS 87Q)
  • Shalinda Leacock (MS 680Q)
  • Emanuel Bracero (MS 287X)

Special thanks to Dr. Nazrul Khandaker, a professor at CUNY York College, and the facilities personnel who made use of the Athletics facilities possible.