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Staff Spotlight: Meet James Ramsawmy

Meet 208Q’s Program Director James Ramsawmy. James has been with SASF for three years and recently received an “Excellent” on his PQMT. Check out his interview with us!

Tell us how you first got involved in with SASF!
I started working at the agency as a Program Director in 2014 after working as a Program Director at Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens and an Assistant Director at Samuel Field YM-YWHA Beacon 216.

How long have you been with SASF? 208Q?
I have been at SASF’s 208Q site since August 2014. This will be my third program year at this site.

What do you wish other staff members knew about 208Q?
Many people assume since my site is on a newer campus, it is magically an easier process to be a Director here. However, much like the other sites, 208Q comes with its own set of challenges. Close communication and transparency with our Assistant Principal and stakeholders have helped us develop a well-rounded program and contributed to our success.

Tell me about someone who has inspired you at SASF.
One of my first Deputy Directors and Program Managers helped me most throughout my transition. They were very supportive of my programming skills as well as my personal success.

What three traits define you?
Adaptable, organized, purposeful.

How do you define success?
Success is defined as your will to try your absolute best to strive through adversity no matter the outcome.

What do you do when you aren’t working?
Recently, I have taken up traveling. I have been to Aruba, Dominican Republic, Cancún and will be going to Jamaica this May.

What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?
I would tell myself not to take for granted experiences. I started volunteering as a Group Leader at age 13. I would have never thought that 13 years later, I would still be in the field – much less a Program Director.