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Staff Spotlight: Meet Rollet Hurry

This month, we recognize 109K program director, Rollet Hurry. Since she was 20, Rollet has had a passion for working with nonprofits and especially, supporting children. She dreams of seeing her students attend the colleges of their dreams. Read more about her story with SASF.

Tell us what brought you to SASF! How long have you been with us?

I started working with nonprofits at the age of 20 in Albany, New York. When I graduated from the University of Albany I wanted to continue working with kids. Through a few networking opportunities, I was able to send my resume in and received and interview with Ms. Sheila Wilson-Wells and Mr. Marco Hernandez, which led me to my home at 109K.

When it comes to 109K, what are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the relationships that I have started and built upon which includes but not limited to the parents, participants, principal, politicians within the community, other community-based organizations (CBOs) and administrative staff and especially my students. Transitioning into 109K was smooth due to the platform that was built by to prior director.

Tell me about someone who has inspired you at SASF.

Someone who has inspired me is at SASF was a previous director. She helped me transition into a school that was once hers. She created a path with me within this organization to advocate for my students and for their needs. Her motivational, uplifting and supportive characteristics are constantly displayed through her work and mentorship. My inspiration is being at 109K with my students there’s never a dull moment.

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?

I keep a healthy work/life balance through prayer, delegation and time management. I am very open with my team about what the needs of the program are and what it is that we need to do in order to run a successful program. I do the same thing with my life.

What are the three traits that define you?

Passionate, outgoing and preservation are three traits that describe me. As James Baldwin says “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed unless it is faced.” I will never know what tomorrow will bring but I know to always be prepared for anything to come.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I don’t believe I’ve hit my biggest achievement yet. I honestly have two. My personal achievement is to attend law school in the coming future, so I am studying hard for my LSAT. My professional achievement is to see my students attend the colleges of their dreams.