The Excellence Project

The Excellence Project is an academic initiative of New York Edge focusing on students in the under-resourced communities who demonstrate the ability to be gifted learners. 

Excellence Project Scholars are exposed to both traditional and non-traditional advanced coursework through a unique blended learning model using Artificial Intelligence Online Learning and Student-Centered Instruction. Beginning in grade 3 and continuing through high school, students are immersed in an environment that ensures Social Emotional growth and the opportunity to explore a wide range of student interests during the After-School period.  “The Excellence Project” is structured to engender excitement and motivation for learning through creative activities that are hands-on, digitally-framed, discovery-based and problem-oriented.

The program operates Monday through Friday with Excellence Project Scholars taking part in an hour and a half of Excellence Project facilitated instruction and activities in a variety of unique areas. The Excellence Project extends into the Champions Club After-School Program providing a wide range of enrichment activities including; visual arts, performing arts, chess, sports, wellness, STEAM, end engaging projects until the close of the program day, a total of 3 hours each day.

Our holistic approach is supported by an Excellence Project Master Teacher in Mathematics and STEAM as well as a Student-Family Mentor (Licensed School Counselor) both of whom provide ongoing support to the 28 students currently in the program.  Effective communication with families helps to grow and nurture the development of these accelerated learners.

New York Edge has a history of innovative and community driven programs. The Excellence Project is another example of how educators partnered with after school time can be an exceptional experience for students in any community.

To learn more about New York Edge and The Excellence Project please contact Steve Fredericks at info@newyorkedge.org