Mosaic by ACT SEL helps educators, students, and their families discover and foster the social and emotional skills that help learners manage daily challenges. It also helps to prepare them for future education and workplace success. The tool will help New York Edge’s students develop and strengthen key skills, including initiative, communication, and stress management. 

The tool will also offer a series of professional development workshops for New York Edge’s educators, which will include an overview of the Mosaic by ACT SEL curriculum, the delivery of SEL assessments, and the interpretation of SEL assessment data. The tailored workshops will help the organization’s educators gain insight on social and emotional skills, study practices to improve growth mindset, plan parental and collegial communications, examine the classroom environment, improve school and classroom climate, explore the importance of relationships and skills, and prepare and deliver practice lessons.

“Afterschool and summer programs like the ones provided by New York Edge are an important pathway to education success,” ACT CEO Janet Godwin said. “Providing proven social and emotional learning tools for these students and educators will help more students – particularly those from communities that are traditionally underserved – fulfill their potential and find their paths toward college and career readiness.”