About New York Edge

New York Edge believes that every student deserves opportunities to find a passion, develop skills, become a leader, and have a healthy and safe environment beyond school hours. Our after school and summer programs reach thousands of students annually in more than 100 schools across all five boroughs and Long Island, with activities that are welcoming, enriching, and fun.

Our Mission and Values

The mission of New York Edge is to help bridge the opportunity gap among students in underinvested communities by providing programs designed to improve academic performance, health and wellness, self-confidence, and leadership skills for success in life.


A better future starts by preparing today’s young people to lead in our schools and communities.

Accountability and Integrity

New York Edge students and staff stand by our word, to each other and to ourselves.

Commitment to Excellence

Anything worth doing is worth giving our best effort.

and Diverse Community

Each of us has a unique story and perspective, and we’re stronger when everyone can contribute and belong.

Goal Focused and Forward Thinking

We are preparing ourselves for tomorrow by setting, and reaching, ambitious goals today.

Innovation and Creativity

When we challenge our assumptions, about ourselves and about our world, we can reach heights that once seemed impossible.

Hope and Optimism

We never stop dreaming, and we never stop turning those dreams into reality.


New York Edge is committed to building a transformative culture throughout the organization that embraces a diversity of voices, experiences, and backgrounds, that is actively anti-bias.

We value diverse talents and perspectives, striving to provide ample opportunities and resources for our community to learn, grow and thrive. We take deliberate steps to implement strategies, policies and practices that reflect these values, as we continue the ongoing journey to acceptance and belonging for our employees, participants, families, strategic partners and communities.