A Whole Child Approach

New York Edge’s full range of enrichment, academic, and recreational programs help students develop healthy minds, bodies, and relationships, as well as creative outlets, to thrive and develop holistically.


New York Edge integrates into the school community, supporting school leadership on Comprehensive Education Plans, coordinating with teachers to align with classroom activities, and training staff on SEL intervention strategies.

High-Quality Curriculum

New York Edge’s dedicated curriculum department develops lessons that are culturally responsive, research-informed, and aligned to learning standards, which staff members adapt to meet each student’s learning style.

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Flexibility and Adaptability

Schools know their students and neighborhoods best. That’s why New York Edge incorporates the perspectives of students, school leaders, community leaders, and families to customize our work at each site

Capacity and Infrastructure

New York Edge has dedicated curriculum, finance, human resources, compliance, legal, and the training, assessment, and evaluation teams to support the site-based staff and school administration, which ensures the alignment of goals and outcomes, as well as the coordination and distribution of resources.

Experienced, Culturally Competent Staff

New York Edge prioritizes hiring from within the school community to align afterschool programming with the school day, and gives staff 90+ hours of professional development each year.

Innovating for Young People

New York Edge Makers Clubs

Through our Makers Clubs, students gain hands-on experience as entrepreneurs and inventors, creating new products and learning what it takes to sell them.

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Student Publishing Initiative

Through our Student Book Publishing Initiative, students work with established authors and illustrators to create professional-quality books that are sold in stores.

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