Through our STEM curriculum, students learn to question,imagine, test, observe, collaborate and explore science,technology, engineering and math. These skills are crucial as students experiment and investigate issues relevant to the world around them through hands-on learning opportunities. In addition to learning the language of coding and applications, students are provided with opportunities to attend career panels and speed mentoring sessions with our corporate partners working in technology.



In robotics class, students engineer a versatile Lego vehicle that can solve many different missions on a playing board, using the engineering/design process and block programming.

In January, they are entering a robotics competition known as FIRST Lego League. They have twice reached the NYC Championships.

They also engineer fighting Sumo robots, and other creations!



Students learn the fundamentals of software engineering – variables, functions, logic, and”thinking like a coder,” step-by-step thinking — through the use of the Python programming language. Python is used by companies such as Spotify and students will make a Mad Libs and Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

Next, students will learn the basics of web development, HTML, to compile their work on a website that they build from the ground up.

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