The Education Department is a team of educational leaders with expertise in curriculum, professional coaching, and program development with a focus on leadership, integrated technologies, literacy and STEAM. We serve New York Edge programs by providing integrated and customized curricula, professional learning, and support visits to improve educational outcomes.

Pathways to Success

New York Edge’s origin was rooted in providing quality sports and arts programming. Today, our New York Edge education team takes learning beyond the traditional classroom walls. Academic instruction now makes up more than 50% of our programs. Literacy, STEAM, leadership, civic/service learning, Pathways to Success prepares middle school participants for high school, and high school participants for college.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEM)

Through our STEAM curriculum, students learn to question, imagine, test, observe, collaborate, and explain their findings in all activities. These skills are crucial as children experiment and investigate issues relevant to the world around them through hands-on learning opportunities. Students may also participate in the annual STEAM Day Fair introducing students to the many and varying jobs in the related fields. The newly developed STEAM day highlights drone technology, as well as the language of coding and applications used to program and guide them. The ExpandEd program brought us a STEAM-based initiative called Design2Learn. Through a partnership with the New York Hall of Science, the program excites learners about STEAM as participants are provided hands-on exposure to careers in STEAM as well as project-based learning activities. Learn more.


A critical element in the development of each student is their social-emotional growth. Our leadership program focuses on learning effective communication skills, building self-confidence, and active listening. By working collaboratively with their peers, students demonstrate a shared purpose as they use their voice, express choice, and give beyond themselves, helping them to better identify who they are as a leader. Recognizing that leadership is not something to be taught in isolation, we have begun leadership infusion into content. This program will grow and expand over the coming years as students realize that opportunities to lead are everywhere. The initial cohort of schools are identified under the program name Y-Lead. We believe that this program will evolve and grow and continue to be replicated.


Reading information critically, writing purposefully, thinking analytically, speaking and listening, and using self-expression that creatively articulates feelings and thoughts are essential components of our approach to literacy. Children explore through engaging text and project-based activities. Participation in essay contests with renowned authors, specialized tutoring and special events such as our Poetry Slam enriches and enhances each child’s literacy experience. Our literacy initiative has expanded through a partnership with ExpandEd that funds Ready Readers – a literacy program that establishes a love for literature. MSExtra provides middle school students with an opportunity to enroll in book clubs and explore timely and topical literature through independent reading and guided conversation.