Summer Camp

Our Instructional Steering Committee comprised of New York Edge curriculum specialists with expertise in various academic disciplines (ELA, math, special education, physical education, arts, STEAM) will work with school administration to identify and/or design New York Edge approved distinct curriculum and theme yearly.

For More information call the New York Edge Summer Hotline: 347-417-8155 or email us at

The program employs hands-on or project-based learning utilizing curricula that meet the following criteria: 1) age-appropriate and inquiry-based 2) align to common core standards 3) support school-day curricula 4) thematic/project-based and 5) promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. All activities are curriculum based and front-line staff receives appropriate training to facilitate structured activities with lesson plans and tangible products to support student learning. We foster social & emotional learning skills & infuse academic skills (reading, writing, & math).

Our Summer Camps are tentatively scheduled to run as follows: 
  • Elementary and Beacon Camps July 2 – August 16 (7 weeks)
  • Middle School Camps July 8 – August 9 (5 weeks)
  • City Council Camps and Clinics July 8 (end date TBD)

Our partnership with the New York City Council, Department of Youth & Community Development, Community Schools, & NYS Bullet Aid provides many New York City school communities with camps that support improving health and wellness, developing social skills, and preventing summer learning loss.

New York Edge has operated summer programs for more than 20 years. Our Summer Camp runs from the beginning of July through the second week in August.

A Sampling of New York Edge Activities
Interactive Field Trips
Olympic Style Field Day Event
Performing Arts
Sports Clinics
Visual Arts
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Staten Island