At New York Edge, we are committed to building literacy among NYC youth and inspiring the next generation of readers and writers.

This year, we are launching an exciting new initiative: Read Across New York Edge Week! During the first week of March, over 60 acclaimed children’s book authors represented by Random House, Hachette, Disney and more will visit schools across the city to share their love of storytelling with our students. Leading up to the visits, students will spend time engaging in creative projects centered around the books, which they will showcase to authors in an enriching exchange. Each student will also receive a copy of the author’s book, ensuring it becomes a cherished part of their personal library.

New York Edge will also be hosting a student book launch event at The Strand, where we will proudly celebrate the books written by students in our Book Publishing Program. Across multiple New York Edge sites, students have collaborated with award-winning children’s book author Jesse Byrd to write and publish their own stories, gaining joy and insight into the creative writing process.

Want to get involved? Below are a few ways you can be part of this exciting program:


Thank you to our Read Across New York Edge 2024 sponsors!