Marisol De La Rosa
Chief Program Officer, Champions Clubs
Stephanie Costner
Vice President of Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology
Gregory Dickinson
Director of Community Engagement Programs
David Cruz
Director of Program Operations - Queens/Staten Island
Keron Watson
Borough Director - Bronx
Marc Merino
Borough Director - Bronx/Manhattan
Courtne Thomas
Director of Curriculum & Instruction for The Excellence Project
Kesma Jones
Data Specialist
Lianne Werlein
Master Teacher of Literacy
Martha Agosto
Senior Manager of Special Events
Victoria Munoz
College Access Support Staff
Erica Misoshnik
Expand Ed Coordinator
Jacqueline Walkes
Y-Lead Coordinator
Michelle Durante
Director of Arts
Katie Booze-Mooney
Arts Operation Coordinator
Michelle Back
Visual Arts Coordinator
Suzie Masser
Arts Department Assistant
Raffaele Labianca
Director of Sports and Wellness
Dorene Lewis
Chief Human Resources Officer
Adam Drakes
Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations
Lavern Mason-Howard
Director of Training and Employee Engagement
Yader Bravo
Manager, Recruitment & Employment Services
Esthefania Rodriguez
Manager of Talent Partnerships and Inititatives
William Manley
Employee Relations Specialist
Keisha Harris
Assistant Payroll Manager
Erika Castillo
Benefits Manager
Mabel Cardenas
HR Representative
Tiffany Griffith
Senior Recruiter
Dalia Moktadir
Payroll Manager
Dennis Flood
Sr. Facilities and Security Officer
Nancy Guida
Chief Advancement and Communications Officer
Joe Sciascia
Director of Marketing and Digital Media
Andre Joyles
Multimedia Designer/Videographer
Vivienne Peng
Development Officer
Danielle Federico
Digital Outreach Coordinator
Gabriela Cadahia
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
Anna M. Gross
Chief Financial Officer
Ruben Gonzalez
Director of Finance
Danyelle Kierstedt
Budget Compliance Manager
Salina Akhter
Manager of Contract & Reports
Elisa Ahmed
Finance Assistant
Warren Mark Julian
Associate Comptroller
Andrew Crespi
Purchasing Manager
Donia Aly
Billing Coordinator
Peter Quiñones
Chief of Government Contracts and Compliance
Marissa Montanez
Corporate Counsel
Teri West
Director of Government Contracts and School Partnerships
Danny Lam
Supervisor, Compliance & Quality Control
Marisol Nuesi
Background Onboarding Manager
Malorie Bernadel
Licensing and Compliance Administrator