New York Edge’s free afterschool programs will be available at your child’s school as early as September 10th online and will transition to in person at most schools when they open on September 29th. We look forward to supporting our kids with safe, enriching programming this fall.

Enrolling Your Child(ren)

1) Click here to download the enrollment form.

2) Complete the form.

3) Afterschool will be provided online beginning September 10th and then transition to in-person at most schools when they open on September 29th.

  • If you want your child to attend online from September 10th until schools open for in-person programs, complete and email the form to your school’s New York Edge program director as soon as possible. Your school’s program director will arrange for you to sign the form in person once the school opens.

  • If you plan to have your child attend in-person only, you may print the form, sign it, and bring it to your school’s program director or email the form to your school’s program director and sign it in person when school begins.

**Note–If you are unable to print the form, please complete it and send it by email to your school’s program director, who will print it for you to sign.

To see the list of schools we serve and get the contact information for your school’s program director, click here. We encourage you to get in touch to learn about start dates and afterschool programming.

Our Approach to Safety

The safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance to us. We will be following health and safety guidelines issued by New York State and the Department of Education and wherever possible, we will go above and beyond recommendations. Our staff has received extensive training on safety protocols and procedures. Additionally, we’ll spend the first week of afterschool training all participants. For increased safety, we are planning to have 80 percent of activities take place outdoors (weather permitting). 

Our Programs

New York Edge’s afterschool program focuses on academics, the arts, and sports, health and wellness. Our approach incorporates social-emotional learning and leadership development. New York Edge’s highly trained, dedicated staff includes: teachers, curriculum experts, trained sports instructors and coaches, teaching artists, guidance counselors.