College and Career

This initiative builds on our deep experience and strong track record working in New York City public schools, particularly its highly successful New York Edge/Freshman Academy and  9th Grade Summer Academy. We also facilitate college and career readiness by helping students gain college admission, scholarships and financial aid to afford college, and knowledge of job opportunities within in-demand sectors, particularly for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) careers.


Early College Awareness 

Our College Access For All program focuses on the development of a college-going culture for 7th grade students both at school and home. Activities include interactive student workshops, opportunities for family engagement, college tours, and special events that bring the college experience to life. New York Edge is an approved vendor for New York City Department Of Education to provide College Access For All programming in public schools serving over 6,000 students.

Middle School Today, High School Tomorrow

Preparing middle school students for the academic and social challenges they will encounter in high school, college, and beyond is the foundation of New York Edge’s Middle School Today, High School Tomorrow (MSTHST) program. We provide our students and families with critical tools, academic advisement, specialized test preparation, guidance through the entire college application process, workshops on financial aid procedures, interviewing skills, financial literacy, high school tours, and social-emotional counseling. These activities help students and families attain their goals. Parent engagement workshops are designed to support both the development and personal growth of their children academically and emotionally. Our workshops provide the opportunity for parents to come together and be actively involved with the school community, be informed of the high school selection process, and prepare for college.

High School Today, College Tomorrow

The vision of High School Today, College Tomorrow (HSTCT) is for each student to become college and career ready, learn how to successfully meet graduation requirements, navigate the college admissions process, and acquire and enhance skills that will prepare them for lifelong employment. Critical to this process is the college tours that help to create a mindset around the development of a college-going culture. Although student mindset is key, it is essential that parents are supported through workshops that improve their awareness that college is both attainable and affordable. Our academic support includes test preparation for standardized tests including PSAT, SAT, and ACT.  Advisors meet regularly with students to assist with college admission process, selecting the right college, writing a strong essay and working through the financial aid process.  College readiness, character education, and career awareness workshops are also offered.


In 2017, New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $35 million in Empire State AfterSchool funding will be available for high-need school districts across the state to establish quality afterschool programs. School districts in Brooklyn and Bronx were identified. We were awarded several Empire grants. Funding will provide a minimum of 300 hours of programming for elementary school students and 200 hours for middle school students. Programming is designed with meaningful input from youth, principals, community members, and parents/caregivers.

Similar to our Champions Club program, students are offered a balanced schedule that includes academic support, sports, arts (visual & performing) and social/emotional learning. Students (elementary and middle) are scheduled for a minimum of 6 hours of homework help, academic support, and enrichment (e.g., STEAM and literacy) each week, delivered by a blended faculty of teachers and youth development specialists from New York Edge.

New York Edge is Your Community Partner 

Community Schools

The New York Edge Community Schools provide critical instructional support and academic enrichment as well as service designed to remove barriers to student learning and healthy development. Our schools offer a comprehensive, integrated approach that extends hours, services, and partnerships for traditional public schools. Each Community School program is designed to support the unique needs of that school community.

Attendance Support – work with students at risk of or currently chronically absent. Work with schools to improve overall school attendance.

Family Engagement – provide professional development opportunities, workshops, and classes. Work closely with schools to increase overall family engagement.

Expanded Learning Time – provide afterschool programming, subject-based tutoring, college, and student advisement.

Mental Health and Wellness – partner with organizations to provide mental health counseling, individually and in a group. Organize overall mental health efforts in schools. Provide specialized support groups for boys and girls. Boys 2 Men and Girls Talk are examples of the support groups.

Beacon Centers

Open for 6 days a week (including evenings, Saturdays and holiday programming for school-age students, high school students, young adults and adults), Beacons are school-based after school initiatives for K-12 students that promote positive development for all participants, families and community residents by creating a trusted neighborhood hub. Opportunities are available for all to improve skills and their personal and family well-being.

Beacons provide a comprehensive set of support services, and opportunities including: recreational and academic enrichment programs, specialized sports, visual/performing arts, college access, attendance support, counseling, adult classes, adult workshops, trainings, and more.  New York Edge’s Department for Beacon and Community School programs works towards building a collaborative environment with each school partner, resulting in the best possible approach for the school community.