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CUNY College Family Days

Posted on: June 23rd, 2017 by New York Edge No Comments

Two days. Four conferences. Hundreds of attendees.

On June 3 and 10, CUNY College Family Day conferences took place at four CUNY college campuses in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. These motivational events included keynote speakers, a college campus tour, and financial aid workshops. The workshops were not only designed to inform families on financial aid options but also to educate them on the benefits of college, its impact on average salaries, differences in tuition (i.e. state vs. private) and the importance of planning early for college.

At Bronx Community College (BCC), current students spoke about their personal journeys navigating college. At Queens College, a CUNY representative explored the Early College initiative which gives New York City high schools students a chance to earn tuition-free college credits.

Tracy Caldron, Director of College Access For All, highlighted some key moments like the inspirational speech given by Brooklyn College and The College of Staten Island’s keynote Bert Gervais. He shared why it’s important to take charge of your destiny and emphasized that  hard  work in middle and high school leads to college and ultimately to success in life. Mr. Gervais motto: “Step up, show up, and shine!”

Students walked away with college themed swag bags and raffle prizes.