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Changing the World, One Summer Camp at a Time

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The sun sets on another incredible summer at SASF. Check out some of the Change Agent Day highlights.

111 camps were full of SASF change agents this summer. This year’s camp theme was Change Agents: Taking Care of Our Environment. The theme utilized an interdisciplinary curriculum, including STEAM, literacy, leadership, arts, and sports. It sparked students’ curiosity, awareness and empathy regarding global environmental issues related to clean water, recycling, pollution, and taking care of our local communities.

On August 1, we celebrated these efforts through Change Agent Day. This sitewide event showcased each school’s individuality and commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Sheila Wells, Deputy Director of Summer Programs, is proud of all the campers accomplishments, particularly “the impact they made on their communities through their positive, environmentally friendly contributions.” She also highlighted the advocacy efforts displayed by many schools, as they had an open line of communication with New York State government officials throughout the season.

8 Reasons We’re Excited for the School Year

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The 2017-2018 school year is just around the corner…and we cannot wait to start! Here are the 8 reasons why you should be as excited as we are.

8. SASF’s Young Professional Council invites you to the 4th Annual SASF Back to School Fundraiser! Our event will be held Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Toshi’s Penthouse in the Flatiron District. All proceeds benefit SASF programs. To purchase tickets, click here.

7. Launching this October, our own Sports & Wellness team will host its first annual Elementary School Flag Football mini league. Coming to a school near you!

6. Imagine collecting piece of Autumn nature, create a massive, symmetrical composition of the materials to then destroy it! SASF students will be doing just that in this unique activity, Earthworks Mandala. Don’t worry – we’ll have photos!

5. This year’s Elect to Be Fit event’s theme is The Hunger Games. This annual team-based challenge will take place on Election Day (November 7) and will include sports, fitness, and nutrition components.
4. SASF is bringing art to life through movement. Students will create “live art” on film with their bodies and props. This activity, Visuals through Movement, breaks the mold of traditional painting, drawing, or sculpture techniques.

3. Did you know that SASF will open its doors to 105 programs this year?

2. This year’s theme is technology! SASF is excited to offer even more opportunities to our students by implementing the rigorous use of video, integrated projects using computers, digital arts, an online Gallery, STEAM projects, and a focus on internet/web based programs to highlight our activities, special events, and service-learning initiatives.

1. SASF was awarded 4 Beacon Center grants from The Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD)! Open after school evenings and weekends, Beacons are school based initiatives that seek to promote positive developments for all participants by creating a trusted, neighborhood hub with opportunities for all participants to develop skills, increase their personal and family well-being. A total of 4,800 participants including students, their parents, siblings and community residents will be served across four schools.

The four Beacons are: PS 264K in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; PS 14Q in Corona, Queens; MS 109Q in Queens Village, Queens and 560M in Lower Manhattan.

SASF Teaches Coding to Students in the Bronx

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A citywide summer program for young children is molding the minds of the next generation in the Bronx.

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