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Another SASF Chopped Challenge

Posted on: December 23rd, 2017 by New York Edge No Comments

Avocado. Beans. Celery. How would you use these mystery ingredients to create a winning dish? SASF’s second annual elementary school “Chopped” competitors were up for the task.

This year, 178X, 109K, 96Q, 362Q, 116Q, and 146Q competed in two rounds to win the title of “Chopped” champion.

Tomatoes diced, avocados sliced and Sunbutter spread across celery sticks. Each school brought a unique twist to successfully execute the main dish and dessert. Judges scored each meal based on flavor, presentation, creativity and variety.

Overall “Chopped” champions (and main dish winner): 178X

Dessert round winner: 116Q