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​SASF’s Day of Service: Keeping the Dream Alive

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SASF’s students created “superheroes” who stomped out segregation, marginalization, and oppression. They also experienced the joy of competition and fitness through floor hockey clinic.

Here are some of the highlights!

​Ready for #SASFspells?

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Each elementary school grade will have the opportunity to compete in their own Spelling Bee. The day will also consist of storytelling and literacy activities for both students and families as well as an interactive game show hosted by Hollyrock Entertainment.

The Year of the Innovator: Art Day

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Art + Technology + Leadership – Boundaries = Innovation. Art + Technology + Leadership – Boundaries = Innovation. This was the winning formula for another inspiring Art Day.

Art Day is part of the SASF Art Department’s educational series designed to build self-confidence and empowerment. Throughout the day, students from about 40 schools learned that art has the power to transform perceptions of identity and reality. This is an opportunity to use artistic expression to explore difficult social situations and work collaboratively to find solutions.

This year, the theme was “innovator in you.” The inspiring day combined STEAM with an educational, hands-on arts experience. The day concluded with a culminating event featuring fashion garments, music, dance, theater and spoken word.

With the help of professional teaching artists from all over the New York metropolitan area, Art Day was another successful occasion where over 200 students explored, created and found the innovator in themselves.

Check out some of the highlights! Credit: Ben Ko Photography

A Message from Director of Sports and Wellness: Giving Back to Brooklyn

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The Sports and Wellness Department runs an annual Elementary School floor hockey tournament on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This event, like most sports events, showcases our diverse group of students coming together for one common goal: to have fun!  There was once a time where children from different neighborhoods and ethnicities could not do something as simple as that; where floor hockey was a focus of the day and giving back to the Brooklyn community truly stole the show.

At the event, each child took a moment to learn about what a food pantry was and the importance of eating healthy, no matter your circumstance. Everyone had a chance to design brown paper bags and fill them with healthy snacks that would later be donated to a food pantry in the same Brooklyn neighborhood. The bags included an apple, 100% juice box, granola bar and pretzels! But what made the bags special is the handwritten notes that each child wrote and put in the snack bags.

Here are a few samples:

250 bags were made. This means 250 people not only had healthy snacks, but also felt the love from one of our students. The bags were donated to Urban Strategies Inc, a Food Pantry in Brooklyn. They were so pleased to accept the donation. They shared that the messages made some of the Food Pantry clients emotional.

As you can see, compassion is something we are born with and it’s clear our children are filled with it. I aspire to be more like our SASF children – the future leaders of the world.

“ Without love, there is no reason to know anyone, for love will in the end connect us to our neighbors, our children and our hearts”

—Martin Luther King Jr.

SASF Presents: Earthworks Mandala

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Over the past season, SASF students had the chance to create “earthworks mandalas.” A mandala is a symmetrical structure organized around a center point.

Creating a group mandala is a unifying and communal experience in which people may express themselves individually while contributing to a larger, unified structure. Traditionally, Buddhists work for days to weeks on sand mandalas which they then destroy after its completion. Mandalas represent impermanence and wholeness.

Students were allowed to use sticks, rocks, leaves, flower petals, sand, berries, dirt, shells, grass, or any other natural items. They could also opt to adhere their natural items to a surface (if they wish to preserve their project) or destroy their mandala.

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