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Announcing T-Shirt Design 2019 Contest Winners

Posted on: January 8th, 2020 by New York Edge No Comments

The New York Edge Art Department proudly presents the winners of the t-shirt design contest! The 1st place design will be used for the t-shirt and flyer in our annual Step Competition.

A final well-deserved congratulations to this site as they handed in multiple 1st place designs. These designs caught our eyes immediately! The winning image was compositionally and aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching, well-drawn, and represented step in such a classic New York way. From the student dancing on a stereo with music notes to the strong outline and clear typography, and the rainbow coming out from the sneakers – this is an impressive and clean drawing and we are proud to use this design for this 2020’s STEP COMPETITION 
t-shirt and flyer.
Congrats to this powerful and eye-catching design. This image captures the essence of Step Culture and the design is truly stunning. The use of minimal primary colors makes this a classic t-shirt with a brave and original twist.
Congrats and shout out for this site for taking two types of approaches to the designs. Elementary students started with their drawings, then transferred their sketches into sleek and simple graphic designs. The use of color and simplicity show students’ efforts in creating a realistic t-shirt design.
Congrats for all of the hard work put into the designs. They were super colorful, and a great twist on last year’s designs. Thank you for dedicating so much care and effort into this project!